About the Firm:

Image Connection Consulting Firm (formerly Image Connection Group) was founded in 2015 by experts with over 60 combined years of experience in management, leadership, sales, human resources and entrepreneurship. Our commitment is to provide quality and high impact services thru speaking engagements, workshops and other professional forums for corporations and small businesses with a focus on brand presentation in order to attract, engage, grow and retain talent.

  • Image Management
    Soft skills development training in appearance to ensure continuous growth while representing the company brand.
  • Leadership Development

    Mastering how to facilitate execution of the company’s strategies through building
    alignment, changing mindsets and growing capabilities of other teammates.
  • Professional Presentation

    Methods to revise nervous energy into enthusiasm that will win the trust,
    build effective business relationships and increase sales goals for the team.
  • Emotional Intelligence

    Techniques to help the team make better professional decisions, increase
    effective communication among co-workers , identify and manage emotions while building more leaders in the workplace.
  • Time Management

    Techniques that shifts daily activities to results by learning future planning,
    goal setting, prioritize tasks and identifying what activities are time effective.
  • Customer Service

    Mastering the fastest and most-efficient techniques to support
    consumers/customers and quickly adjust to the personality of the consumer/client.


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