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Winston-Salem, NC. I now reside in Charlotte, NC. I have been in the Carolinas all of my life and even attended college at UNC Charlotte, where I received a degree in Business.

 How did your upbringing help shape you?

My mother was a second and third shift nurse, so my amazing father took care of me; as a result, I was exposed to many of his businesses, as well as my grandfather’s businesses – service stations and a saw mill. Often, my childhood environment was around many men because of their businesses, which included dirty and oily areas. I was definitely a daddy’s girl who was given everything I wanted (clothes, cars, etc) – but I always had to prove that I earned it.  read full article…


                          Originally from?

Nassau, Bahamas.

 What is your occupation?

Business Consultant, Speaker, Author, and Customer Service Trainer.

 How did your parents impact your childhood?

I grew up around entrepreneurship, travel and fine dining. My parents, who will have been married 50 yrs next year, were very loving and nurturing. At the same time, they had high standards for conduct, dress and spirituality. While my parents had means, my sister and I were not spoiled because they taught us: nothing good comes easy, that you must develop a good work ethic, and learn the value of earning what you would like to have.  read full article…

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Personal Brand Increases Marketability

MEET The Image Connection Group:  The Image Connection Group (http://www.imageconnectiongroup.com) is a personal  brand / professional brand firm. At the helm of the firm are three unstoppable innovators: LaShanda Millner-Murphy, Monique Stubbs-Hall and Melissa Jo Baker. Our desire is to define the new view of the professional. We help professionals make the connection between mindset, talent and image in order to increase marketability. Work that we do helps professionals get noticed. Clients served include State Farm, Hanes, Communities in Schools, Hilton and the Social Security Administration.

Read more: http://www.writemoneyinc.com/2016/09/17/personal-brand-increases-marketability/#ixzz4ee9zzVKK

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